ending the year

So this is my last day with ALC and I decided that I’d blog/reflect about this year, and other things that I could’ve done. My goal of meeting marine biologists and doing more hands on stuff wasn’t completely accomplished, and I feel like I should’ve been more aggressive in my requests for things that I wanted to do. But I got to do so many things that I wouldn’t have been able to do without ALC. We got to go to so many places such as Mount Ka’ala, coconut island, and Kawainui Marsh thanks to Mandy and Nina’s friends and contacts. Everyone was kind and caring and I had a great time here at ALC Oahu. I’m very greatful for everyone here and wish you good luck!

blogging about blogging

Today I didn’t really know what to blog about so I decided to blog about blogging. I know it sounds pretty stupid and yes you’re right it does sound really dumb.                                                                                          So I Googled the definition of blogging and here’s what I got; 1. add more material to or regularly update a blog 2. write about (an event, situation, topic, etc.) in a blog. If you don’t believe me, Google it yourself.                                                                                       The reason why I like blogging is because you can let others know what fun things you’ve been doing or what’s going to happen soon. You can also get to know other people, and others can get to know you.

My trip to Japan

So for spring break I went to Japan with my mom and brother for two weeks. The first place that we went to in Japan was Hokkaido, quite a different place( I’m emphasizing on the temperature) from Hawaii, but I still loved the place. We went skiing there( something you can’t do on Oahu) and I had a blast. We also ate some delicious seafood in Hokkaido( Hokkaido is famous for its seafood) and we bathed in the hot springs there. I won’t forget this trip to Hokkaido!                                                                                    Our next stop was the island of Okinawa, also a part of Japan. There we snorkeled in its incredibly clear and beautiful waters, filled with an enormous amount of marine life. We also went to the Chiraumi aquarium, home to three whale sharks.                                                                                              My final stop was Tokyo, where I went fishing in a stream with my relatives there. We caught several trout and we ate them. We also had all kinds of other foods.

going to japan

This March I will be going to Japan during the winter(at least for Hokkaido) for the first time. I have been to Japan many times, but it has always been during summer break. So I’m really looking forward to being able to ski in Hokkaido. I’ve heard it’s really nice in Hokkaido during the winter as long as you’ve got warm clothes, and that the sea food is REALLY good.                                                       I’m also looking forward to going to Tokyo(to meet my relatives) and Okinawa(to go to the aquarium and to fish).

this week @ ALC Oahu

This week (which started on Tuesday due to Monday being a holiday), we hiked on the Judd trail, which is in the Nu’uanu area. Our intention was actually to go to Jackass Ginger, a pond nearby, but due to a lack of time we ended up just doing the trail. The weather was, fortunately, very good and the trail wasn’t too muddy. The air was cool and the steam water was cold like it always is in the mountains. On Thursday Charles, one of our friends, came in and we played treasure island and this new game we got called Pictureka. Oh for those of you wondering what I did on Wednesday, I was sick all day, so unless you want to hear about runny noses and tissues lets stay on Thursday. So we played the games which were really fun.

Kawainui marsh

This week Nina’s friend Khris took us to an area of Kawainui marsh that only people who work for DLNR or people who are escorted by a DLNR worker can access. The marsh is an amazing place crowded with birds and ponds filled with life. Unfortunately, most of the life in the ponds were unwanted invasive species like apple snails, jewel cichlids, Chinese catfish,  and tilapia. I did see several o’opu though, a type of native freshwater goby, in the canal to the right of the ponds which was cool. There were also a lot of cattle egrets and Hawaiian stilts poking around in the ponds and grass. The mountain scenery around the marsh was beautiful. The Ko’olau mountains were green and lush looking. It looked very tall especially since the marsh was on almost all sides surrounded by the mountain range.

What if segregation didn’t exist?

This week we were talking about Martin Luther King Jr. and one question that came up was what would the world be like if racial segregation had never existed?  In my opinion, the world would still not be entirely peaceful. For one, even if there was no segregation, the world would be divided by class; the rich, the poor, and middle class. Of course it would be most likely that the poor would outnumber the rich and middle class. And as we all know, things can go bad when the poor are unhappy and outnumber the rich. Yes, there would be a government, but sometimes a problem can be too big and bad. Just to give you an example of a person taking advantage of the situation of the poor, after the great depression you have Hitler taking control of Germany and guess what, he’s popular because he promises the people of a famished Germany living space to grow food which the people of Germany severely needed.                                        True, if segregation didn’t exist you wouldn’t have slavery and racial wars and stuff like that, but just because we would be the same does not mean that we couldn’t hurt or kill each other. Even if segregation didn’t exist we would still have wars and poverty and other horrible things which have existed throughout humankind’s history. It is possible however that without racism, the world could focus and concentrate on some of its problems. Things that have only been recently achieved could have been achieved long ago. Our world could be more environmentally healthy.                                                                                                       Our world would be different without racism and segregation. A world without segregation would most likely be better and more sophisticated than our world now. But in what way? Only your imagination can tell you.

My first few weeks back at ALC

My first few weeks back at ALC have been good so far. I went to a pretty nice park, an awesome beach, and the aquarium. And of course I’ve been doing all kinds of fun things indoors. So, on my first day back, we played some new games that we’d ordered right before winter break, Pyramix and Treasure Island. Both games are very fun, especially Treasure Island.                                         The aquarium was fun too, with all kinds of fish and other aquatic creatures. I’ve been there like a million times, but since I love marine biology, I basically can’t get tired of the beach or aquarium. The beach was nice with lots of fish but visibility was poor and there was a lot of bleached or dead coral, which was very sad. I did see a green sea turtle though which was pretty cool.

a new year

Happy New Year everyone!!!!! I hope you all are having a great new year. My New Years Day was pretty good. It was filled with parties, presents, friends, and family. I ate lots of mochi and soba for New Years[it was really good; my mom made it] and for dinner my family and I went to a restaurant with a bunch of my relatives. Oh, for those of you who don’t know what mochi and soba are mochi is a sticky rice ball made out of a special kind of rice and soba noodles are noodles that are made out of buckwheat and wheat, I think.                                                        This new year has been good, at least so far. Nothing major has happened yet, but I’m sure something will happen soon, good or bad. Well, I have nothing else to write about so I guess this is the end.

My 2015

Looking back at 2015, I realize that this was a pretty good year filled with parties, learning, new friends, and lots of fun.                                                                  Ok, I’ll start with new years day. To be honest, I can’t remember new years day that much, though I remember that it was fun. The rest of january was filled with school and other stuff like it. Next came february. Ok, so I don’t remember a whole lot about february either. Lets just say that it was filled with school to. I can remember more about march, since march 5 is my b-day. Lets see, what did I do for my b-day? Sorry to disappoint you, but I can’t remember that too. Moving onto the next month,april, I can remember that my family and I celebrated my grandma’s b-day. We went to some restaurant that I can’t recall the name of. I’m going to skip may and june and go to july. I went on a cruise to Alaska with my brother, grandparents, and some of my cousins and other relatives. It was a very nice cruise but the trip was short, only six days and most of it spent on water (which didn’t help my seasick prone brother). When we got back to Hawaii, it was like stepping into a rice cooker. In other words, Hawaii felt really hot after being in Alaska for a week. I started homeschooling in august and I’m sure glad I did, because in september, I joined the ALC and it is AWSOME! I’ll talk about what I do here at ALC next time since it would take me a while to talk about all the things I do here. Anyway, I’ll just say that I’m having a blast here with my friends Mandy, Nina, Sophia, and Adrianna!                                                                     Ok, let’s move onto october. Yes there’s halloween but besides that and my mom’s b-day, october was pretty normal. November has thanksgiving and my grandpa’s b-day. Now that it’s december, I’m gearing up for christmas and my dad’s b-day. I already celebrated my brother’s b-day on the 3rd.                                                            Well, this is what I remember from 2015, even if it isn’t a whole lot of stuff. I’m looking forward to 2016 and I wish you all a merry christmas! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!